wolseley WD8 on gas

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wolseley WD8 on gas

Post by stompkopfan » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:24 am

i have a Wolseley wd8 that runs on gas; normally to replace the carb there are two gas...(don't know how it's called in english cause i'm from Belgium)
now misses one and is searching for another because you need two: one for starting and one for running because when it had two the engine started really good and ran excellent but now the engine starts really bad and when it start it's hard to keep it running
can anyone help me with that

also this engine is missing his copper plate whit the "chassisnumber " and stuff on it , does anybody know if there's a number stamped in the engine(like the stationairy engines of deutz have?) and on which place it's stamped at?
and where i can buy another plate
kind regards

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