Nice to meet you

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Nice to meet you

Postby Teedee » Wed May 10, 2017 2:49 am

Hello everybody. Some information so you know what you have here...

I live on the other side of the pond in the Netherlands and just saved a WD9 from the skip. It'pretty well stripped of the most wanted parts, but my mission is to collect the parts I need within the budget you normally buy a running Wolseley WD for (€ 75,-/€ 100,- over here) and give this nice piece of classic engineering a second life.

I always liked the look and sound of stationary engines and found them interesting, although I don't really have a technical background. Doesn't mean I can't hold a spanner though. Just try and learn it that way I always say.

There are too many things I find interesting to devote myself to the Wolseley as some of you do, but I really enjoy seeing that kind of enthousiasm though. So basically, you'll be of more use to me than the other way around. Sorry for that... ;)

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