unleaded fuel

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unleaded fuel

Post by handyman » Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:41 am

Hi Guys
I saw a film once on the effects of using unleaded fuel in an older engine as the unleaded burns so much hotter and damages the valves and seats, when I sripped my wd2 down the damage was severe hence my request for some valves, do any of you use an addittive, also has anyone seen an instruction book for these engines as I find it hard to beleive that an engine manufacturer could make and sell thousands of units all over the world, even to the government and not produce an instruction book if you have seen one could you point me in the direction to obtain one.

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Re: unleaded fuel

Post by lathejack » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:20 am


I have started useing an addittive, though i am not totaly convinced that its really needed on these very low revving engines with there tiny power outputs. There are a few brands available but not all of them claim to protect valves seats and valves, some just boost the octane rating of petrol which is of no use on the Wolseley engine with its very low state of tune. I use Wynn's which does boost the octane but also protects the valve seats.

The dosage is from a ratio of 90:1 to 200:1. Over dosage doesn't seem to do any harm while the engine is running but it can cause problems once the engine is switched off and cools down. The excessive residue solidifies slightly when cold and can prevent any open valves from seating properly leading to loss of compression and difficult starting until quite a few turns of the cranking handle.

If you do use it and accidently put too much in then as soon as the engine is switched off for a while just turn it over straight away until compression is felt and leave it there, both valves will be closed and it should restart later as normal. Mixed correctly there are no problems, i just can't help putting in a bit extra of everything, thats how i know.

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Re: unleaded fuel

Post by Wizard8838 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:37 am

not sure if you know that unleaded fuel was around before leaded fuel, it was used very early on, they only put lead into petrol to boost the octain rating to give it a better burn efficiency, so our old engines were running on unleaded from the start.

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